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What am I doing?

5 May 2018

I enjoy Warhammer 40K for a myriad of reasons: The strategy game, the fun community, the list building, the modeling, the painting, the lack of money for food (which really helps with the weight loss). All of these things combine to form a multi-faceted hobby that really draws me in again and again. The opportunity to add something back to that universe is very enticing.

Writing these stories has also given me a great way to express myself. I’ve written pieces and parts of original stories in the past, but nothing so developed as what happened when I began explaining my army to myself. The stories are just flowing out of me every time I sit down.

Maybe someday I’ll be a rich and famous author. Perhaps I’m the only person who ever reads any of this. Either way is fine with me: I’m in this for the journey more than anything. If you do share such passions and want to hear more out of me, share this around with your friends and fellow hobbyists, or even just any science fiction literature nerds you know. Feedback and community involvement will help me to know if I’m taking this in the right direction!


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