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Ar’sho Tau Ar'sho Enclave Sept Symbol Enclave


Interactive gravity drives produce a substantial sustained force at short range. One part, the lash, is fitted to the weapons platform; the other, too large to be fitted to standard ammunition, is fitted to an iridium-hardened reusable lance.


Point Cost: 50

Weapon Range Type Shots S AP D Abilities
Gravlance 6” Assault 4 8 -1 D3 On a wound roll of 6+ this weapon deals D6 damage instead of its normal profile. Used with 4 or more wounds remaining.
Gravlance (low output) 6” Assault 2 8 -1 D3 On a wound roll of 6+ this weapon deals D6 damage instead of its normal profile. Used with 3 or fewer wounds remaining.
Gravity Lash Melee Melee 0 U 0 1 Any enemy unit wounded by this weapon reduces its movement distance by half in its next movement phase.


Fluff-wise, specialized gravity drives on both the projectiles and the suit interact to form a strong sustained force at short range, using the projectiles more like you are throwing a hammer at your foe than shooting them.

Toughen up your Crisis unit and get them in close for some high-risk, high-reward short-range combat. Where the Fusion Blaster excels at blasting away heavy armor, this weapon is designed for tough units with light or no armor.

  • For stats, 4 hits seems reasonable.
  • Might need to up the range to 8” (flamer-like).
  • Up to 10S if you advanced this turn, bringing down your BS slightly but guaranteeing that 2+ wound on most any infantry.
  • D3 damage to keep it competitive, giving you a wound potential of 12 - 24 if you’re crazy lucky with those 6s.
  • Not terribly effective against anything with a decent armor save.
  • The extra wounds are fantastic for getting you into combat, but you immediately start losing effectiveness if you’re sustaining hits.

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