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Damage Calculator

A quick damage calculation tool. Will accept dice rolls stats for number of shots and damage. Example “2D3”. Additional features coming. If anyone in-the-know finds something wrong with our math, let us know!

GW does not allow officially published stats to be shared, and we neither see nor store any information from this tool - it exists only in your browser.

    + Add another weapon

      + Add another target


      Still coming:

      • Better interface (styles, error input feedback, etc.)
      • Common abilities (bonus mortals, etc.)
      • Max damage output
      • Table-structured data reporting
        • Effectiveness of different weapons against a target
        • Cross-sectional data of many weapons vs many targets for a given output
      • Input soft-save (so your stats reappear when you return - this is going to be cookie-only, so I won't be holding possibly offical GW data and getting my pants sued off).
      • CSV data export

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      Please keep discussion relevant to this page. Constructive criticism encouraged, rudeness will not be tollerated.