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Ar’sho Tau Ar'sho Enclave Sept Symbol Enclave


Aun’Y Ar’sho Sahe

One Ethereal of the Ar’sho Sept, Self Disciplined

Aun’Sahe chose to sever his own ability to control his breathern, joining the Ar’sho rather than forcing them back into the Tau Empire.

Having fought in many battles in his lifetime, Aun’Sahe insists on being used where he is most effective rather than being shielded from the frontlines. Determined to prove his worth without the Ethereal influence, his presense on the field still inspires those around him.

Aun’Sahe is a single unit equipped with a personal gravjet pack and equalizers.


Point Cost: 65*
*includes all wargear and accompanying units



When an AR’SHO SEPT unit within 6” of Aun’Sahe declares a charge, they may fire their pistols at one of their charge targets as if it were their shooting phase. These attacks are resolved before overwatch is declared.

Personal Gravjet Pack

Point Cost: 0

Any model equipped with a Gravpack increases its move characterist to 8” and gains the Fly and Jetpack keywords.

Unit M WS BS S T W A Ld Save
Aun’Sahe 8” 2+ 4+ 3 3 5 4 9 4+
Weapon Range Type Shots S AP D Abilities
Equalizers C C C C C C See 8th Edition Tau Codex


Aun’sahe maintains his inspriational presense but for different reasons. His fluff preference for being on the front line contributes to this. However, the typical invocation of the elements ability is lost to him, its function a product of their pheremonal control.


Part of the Ar’sho advanced research is the use of improved gravity drive technology. Aun’Sahe finds the typical hover drone to be slow to respond, causes him to be elevated above the fray too easily (making him a target), and getting on and off the thing in combat is inconvenient. He takes a personal gravpack (gravity manipulation armor with a personal jet) in its place, often testing it in simulations for the Earth caste during development.


Rule wise, the extra shots in a charge can be devestating and give this sept the ability to do some damage in that phase beyond what you typically see with Tau. However, it is costly as everyone firing must have taken a pulse pistol to begin with, which is rarely useful otherwise. Aun’Sahe would have to be within 6” AFTER the unit charged, so he’s going to be in or near the fray. Tau still get clobbered in close combat - while you might take down a few unarmored foes in the charge, the low WS and S of fire warriors is going to get them all dead in short order if the enemy is still alive when close combat is engaged. It’s very risky, but as the name implies it’s best suited to finishing off an already weakend foe, or a giant middle finger to your opponent if your infantry gets trapped.

The -1 to BS is because “running and shooting” and also for some balance. Will need playtesting

Synergy-wise, add in a cadre fireblade and the double pistol shots are that much more effective - though they would need to be fairly near the charge as well

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