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Ar’sho Tau Ar'sho Enclave Sept Symbol Enclave


Shas’nel Ar’sho E’taro Lynu’nan, Ksi’Ar’sho

Fireblade of the Ar’sho Sept, Sharp-Agressive Mind, Steadfast Blade - Root of the Ar’sho. Commonly shortened to Ksi’Lynunan or Lynunan

Known for her keen intellect and her tendency to act aggressively in her youth. Formerly a pathfinder. Lynu’nan won respect and quickly climbed the ranks after successfully defending a remote colony from an Ork Waaagh, being gifted an equalizer after using it to save the life of Aun’sahe in that battle. She then fought in the War of Southern Consolidation, rising to command all infantry of the Shan’al, second only to O’Kakaushi.

After Ea’sho incident, she quickly became the symbolic leader of the Ar’sho Enclaves, being named Ksi for her role in its formation. While the Enclave is organized by the Kar’ken Council, the people still look to her as their source of inspiration.

Ksi’Lynunan is a single model equipped with a Light Rail Rifle, Pulse Pistol, and the Kar’vesa. She is accompanied by two MV52 Shield Drones. Only one of this unit may be included in your army.


Point Cost: 90*
*includes all wargear and accompanying units


Volley Fire


Models in AR’SHO SEPT units within 6” of a friendly Cadre Fireblade may fire an extra shot with pulse pistols, pulse carbines, pulse rifles, and light rail rifles when shooting at a target within half the weapon’s range.

E’taro’s Burning

Years of intense combat and training under Shas’nel E’taro Lynu’nan have honed this veteran unit to the pinnacle of Tau doctrine in ranged supremacy and the fire caste martial arts.

When this model makes a wound roll of 5+ that shot adds 1 to its AP characteristic - for example, AP -1 becomes AP -2. In addition, add 1 to the attack characteristic of this model.

Kar’vesa (Equal-hand)

Crafted from her prized Equalizer, Lynunan had the weapon tailored to the Fire Caste martial combat she has long mastered. It is now integrated into her armor, resting in the palm of her hand. Its force-multiplying properties deliver crushing blows even to armored opponents.

Unit M WS BS S T W A Ld Save
Lynu’nan 6” 2+ 2+ 3 3 5 4 9 4+
MV52 Shield Drone C C C C C C C C C
Weapon Range Type Shots S AP D Abilities
Light Rail Rifle 30” Rapid Fire 1 5 -1 1 Wound rolls of 6+ with this weapon add 1 to their AP characteristic.
Pulse Pistol C C C C C C See 8th Edition Tau Codex
Kar’vesa Melee Melee 0 x2 -1 1 Whenever Lynunan lands 3 or more wounds in one fight phase against a unit, the target unit suffers a mortal wound in addition to the normal damage.


As the main protagonist and hero of the Ar’sho, I wanted her to be fairly powerful and with a point cost to reflect it. 2+BS with volley fire and a Light Rail Rifle by default, she’s pretty baller. Chance to make those shots -2 or -3 AP. Decent enough melee to not get wrecked by literally anything.

She will also have one more ability I’m toying around with. Bear with me!

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