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Tau Empire water caste members

Tau Lexicon

Based initially on this Tau-English dictionary, this repository will contain all canon instances of the Tau language for reference.

Check out this Tau name generator if you’re looking to add some depth to your army.

Tau - Definition Tags References
Al N structure, organization   DA↗
Al A small   DA↗
Aloh A cold temperature DA↗
An A location (as in ‘the place of union’ ‘An’lissera’)   DA↗
Anuk N bird animal DA↗
Ar A high, both in altitude and respect/morals/etc.   DA↗
Ar’Cea P ‘High Ones,’ Eldar race, eldar DA↗
Au N age, era, period of time time DA↗
Aun A ethereal, celestial caste DA↗
Aun N Ethereal caste DA↗
Au’taal P ‘time of salvation’, a tau sept world sept, planet, place DA↗
B N a shepherd   DA↗
B V to shepherd   DA↗
Bap A lost   DA↗
Be’Gel P Orks, including all subspecies, as a race race, orks DA↗
Bentu’sin P ‘Wise-gifted Ones,’ Demiurg race, Demiurg DA↗
B’kak N ‘Sand Herder’, shepherd of sand creatures?   DA↗
B’nim N tau pastry food DA↗
Bork’an P a tau sept world sept, planet, place DA↗
Cal A hard   DA↗
Cal’rotaa N ‘Rotating Object,’ wheel   DA↗
Caor A many-legged   DA↗
Cea A civilized   DA↗
Cea N ones, as in a group of people, usually a civilization   DA↗
Cha N purpose, cause   DA↗
Che N electricity, plasma, energy (as in ‘energy weapon’) weapon DA↗
Che’lel N ‘Energy Beam’, lightning   DA↗
Co A not   DA↗
Co’T N but   DA↗
Cyr N cycle   DA↗
Cyr A cyclic   DA↗
D A twin, as in a pair of   DA↗
Da A dark, in appearance or intent   DA↗
Dak N point, as in the end of   DA↗
Dak’e N ‘Sharp Point’, a blade of some sort weapon DA↗
Dak’e’shi A ‘Long Sharp Point’, a long blade weapon DA↗
Dal A different, varying   DA↗
Dal’yth P ‘Different Faces’, a tau sept world sept, planet, place DA↗
Dao V to accept, receive   DA↗
Da’ya N dark sphere   DA↗
Dec N tau equivalent to a hour, one tau dec is 1.5 Terran hours time DA↗
Demlok N canyon place DA↗
Dol N rifle, or any ranged weapon weapon DA↗

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