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Neutron Round

Highly-specialized rounds containing heavy element lattices methodically arranged at an atomic level use the sheer force of impact of the heavy rail rifle round to trigger nuclear supercriticality

A really big boom.
"Hypersonic delivery of a neutron-induced fission-capable tactical payload. Best we not test this near population centers." - Fio'el Klesche, very shortly before his naming


Requires using the Neutron Round Stratagem.

Point Cost: 0

Weapon Range Type Shots S AP D Abilities
Heavy Rail Rifle (Neutron Round) 60” Heavy 1 8 -4 D6 On a wound roll of 4+ instead of the normal weapon damage the target unit suffers 3D3 mortal wounds. Each unit within 3” of the target unit suffers 1 mortal wound.


This might be super overpowered. It’s a fluffy concept I’ve been working on for some time - the tactical nuclear railgun. Feedback is appreciated: alternative ability suggestions, balance suggestions, mathhammer, etc..


4-12 mortal wounds on one unit of your choice, and a few mortal wounds to everyone else nearby. Is that enough pro for you?


  • Only get one rail shot instead of two. For the target unit, it’s actuall possible to roll 14 wounds max with the heavy rail rifle, so technically this ability lowers your wound potential.
  • Even if you hit, it’s only a 50/50 shot of triggering the ability
  • Costs a CP and can only use once per turn

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