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XV-88/0 Hammerfall

This unit contains two Hammerfall Shas’ui. It can include up to 2 additional Hammerfall Shas’ui. A Hammerfall Shas’vre can take the place of on Hammerfall Shas’ui. Each model is equipped with a Burst Rail Rifle, a missile pod, a target lock support system, and may be accompanied by up to 2 Tactical Drones (see Codex pg 109).


Point Cost: 42

Wargear Options

Any model may replace its missile pod with an airbursting fragmentation projector. See Codex pg 121 for official weapon stats.


Equipped with a Target Lock system (see Support Systems, Codex pg 123).

Unit M WS BS S T W A Ld Save
XV-88/0 Hammerfall Shas’ui 8” 5+ 4+ 5 5 3 1 7 3+
XV-88/0 Hammerfall Shas’vre 8” 5+ 4+ 5 5 3 2 8 3+
Weapon Range Type Shots S AP D Abilities
Burst Rail Rifle 30” Rapid Fire D3 7 -3 D3 On a wound roll of 6+ the target unit suffers one mortal wound in addition to the normal damage.
Missile Pod C C C C C C See 8th Edition Tau Codex
Airbursting Fragmentation Projector C C C C C C See 8th Edition Tau Codex


Concept unit

  • Crisis chassis
  • Burst Rail Rifle
  • Missile Pod
  • Can replace Missile Pod with Airbursting Fragmentation Projector
  • Target Lock
  • No iridium option
  • Shas’vre option
  • Taken in pairs. Maybe up to 3 pairs per unit?

The “Baby Broadside”, this unit is light and manueverable like a Crisis team. Without Iridium or shield generator, it’s not going to do well when shot at, and it’s going to be expensive. High-ranged weapons preference, taking the rail+missile weapons pairing as default, but able to switch out the missiles for the AFP, giving it that “shoot things it can’t see” effect of the SMS on Broadsides and a slight point reduction to help fit these into lists.

Basic use is “get into position quickly at the edge of combat, provide fire support.”

This unit is still in very early stage development.

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