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This blog serves as a catalog of my journey with Warhammer 40,000 and writing science fiction. Follow the Ar’sho Enclave on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates when we post new articles!

Also check out the short stories I’ve written about the characters’ origins and feel free to utilize my fluff Tau supplemental codex for your narrative games.

Enjoy, for the Tau’va!

First Broadside Conversion and Paintjob

Published on 21 June 2018
I have been hopelessly behind in my hobbying. Life keeps throwing me curveballs and I keep swinging - and I’m not great at sports. In dire need of some relax time I decided to do a simple broadside...
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Move and Shoot Tau Force

Published on 26 May 2018
My current thought is a list that can move-and-shoot, staying just a little mobile with most and very mobile with the rest of its forces. Markerlights and other shooting synergies I believe are key...
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You can't win if you're not having fun

Published on 24 May 2018
I am so excited to hear that a Tau army won a major tournament! Revel in the jubilation of the fish making it to the top of the food chain and look forward to surely being nerfed in short ord…

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A Grimdark Mind-blowing

Published on 12 May 2018
Everyone in the Warhammer 40K universe has some grimdark story points, primarily in shades of endless war and gore. Each race also has their own perils to face as well: The Imperium of Man is a hel...
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The Greater Good Gets Going

Published on 7 May 2018
The Greater Good shines upon me as I have a beautiful fiancé who not only puts up with my hobby, but actively encourages it! In truth, I had put it aside for years until she came along and insisted...
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What am I doing?

Published on 5 May 2018
I enjoy Warhammer 40K for a myriad of reasons: The strategy game, the fun community, the list building, the modeling, the painting, the lack of money for food (which really helps with the weight lo...
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