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Twin-Linked Optimizer

Improvements to the age-old twin-linked weapons systems allow for an integrated augment tuned for fire warriors who prefer to focus on a single weapon type.

Point Cost: 12

A model equipped two or more of the same ranged weapon rerolls misses for those weapons when shooting at a target within half their range.


Bringing back the classic twin-linked mechanic, but with a little less suspension of disbelief. This should be pretty useful in a variety of situations, and helps compensate for that 4+ on the crisis.

Usefullness will be weighted against your markerlight usage. Markerlights give you that reroll 1s already, putting this to rerolling 1/3 of shots. With the potential +1BS you’re only rerolling 2s with this.

  • For the points, if you’re dropping a fusion crisis-bomb you can reroll your 2 fusion blasters pretty reliably as you’ll be in close. For the lower points cost than a third fusion, is it worth the reroll? You tell me.
  • On the flip side, a couple of burst cannons that can reroll all 8 shots, versus just 12 flat-out shots?
  • On a missileside - Why take anything else? Hmm… maybe this is overpowered in this situation. Makes me wish that heavy rail rifle was two weapons though!

1 Should this be full-range, or is that overpowered? 2 I get that Crisis suits are overpriced already, so trying to balance this against other Crisis systems, not other units - Tau or otherwise.

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