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Ar’sho Sept Rules

The rules of the Ar’sho Codex Supplement are built on the Warhammer 40,000 8th edition Tau Codex.

Uneasy Relations

The Fire Warriors of the Ar’sho know the truth about the Ethereal caste and their control of the Tau Empire. While they do their best to avoid fighting those of their own species, they harbor a resentment of the Ethereal and do not wish to risk falling back under their control.

  • Aun’Sahe is the only Ethereal unit that may be taken in an Ar’sho sept detachment.

  • The Ar’sho Sept may only be mixed with Farsight Sept. No other septs may be choosen for other detachments in the same army.

  • When fighting any other Tau Sept, any Ar’sho Sept unit may shoot at an enemy Ethereal even if they are not the closest enemy unit; they must shoot at an enemy Ethereal if they are the closest visible enemy unit. When any enemy unit on the battlefield is Tau, all Ar’sho Sept units must subtract 1 from their leadership rolls.

  • When fighting alongside other Tau armies (team games) no Ar’sho Sept model may end its movement phase less than 12” from a friendly Ethereal. Any that are unable to move outside this range must roll a morale check as though half the remaining models (rounded up) had been killed.

Alone in the Dark

With their auxillary units almost entirely wiped out at the Ea’sho incident the Ar’sho Tau are left almost completely on their own. Though some refugees have been accepted into the enclave, there are simply not enough to regularly field new auxillary units.

  • Ar’sho detachments may not take any Kroot or Vespid units.

Advanced Wargear

Through their research focused on refining existing Tau designs, the Ar’sho have made several key upgrades across a myriad of systems. These include more reliable and compact particle accelerators for Rail weapons, more efficient gravity drives and booster jets, and lighter battlesuit armor plating.

  • All models with both the Battlesuit and Jetpack categories gain +1” to their base movement characteristic.

  • Any Strike Team Fire Warrior or Fire Warrior Shas’ui may replace their Pulse Rifle with a Light Rail Rifle.

  • The Markerlight Analysis Sytem is added to the Crisis, Enforcer, and Coldstar Battlesuit support system selection list.

  • The Twin-Linked Optimizer is added to the Crisis, Enforcer, and Coldstar Battlesuit support system selection list.

  • The Plasma Rifle wargear option has an updated firing profile and points cost.

Heros of the Enclave

Training, experience, and research have brought new strategems and technologies to bear against the enemies of the greater good. Some of these have manifested in units that work most closesly with the leaders of the enclave’s fire caste towards their particular variety of combat.

Ksi’Lynunan’s Veterans

Up to three Strike Team units may take the E’taro’s Burning ability.

Aun’sahe’s Breachers

Up to three Breacher units may take the Gravpack wargear option.

O’Kakaushi’s Heavies

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