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The Greater Good Gets Going

7 May 2018

The Greater Good shines upon me as I have a beautiful fiancé who not only puts up with my hobby, but actively encourages it! In truth, I had put it aside for years until she came along and insisted I get back to it. She’s an avid board gamer herself. Now if only I could get her to build an army… I think she’d love Blood Angels.

Personally, I’ve been neglecting the board-side of the hobby lately. I haven’t played an actual game in too long. Weekly game night at the local has played second fiddle to other responsibilities for some time – that will change soon! Once I get back into the groove and find a willing opponent, I’ll post some battle reports here as well. Hopefully those will encompass some play testing for the Ar’sho Enclave rules. I’m also willing to share videos of anyone else testing out our custom codex, whether it be battles or just some scenarios demonstrating individual skills and gear.

My modelling station is nonexistent at the moment. It was hijacked by my professional-level ability to stack stuff high and deep on a flat surface rather than putting it away right the first time. It will return to its former glory this weekend. I will start putting together shots and videos of conversions as I model out some of my concept Ar’sho units for everyone to share.

The writing has been easier to accomplish since I can steal away a moment here and there to put thoughts on virtual paper. For the Greater Good I need to find some harmony though - it’s time to slice my thumbs open and get glue in all the wrong places again!


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